General Assembly

For many senior professionals and executives, planning and organizing the annual general meeting (in addition to their day-to-day business) is a new challenge every year. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a partner at your side who knows about the relevant legislation and has a lot of experience alongside well-trained and experienced employees.

With the team of you have found this reliable partner and service provider - we are there for you every day (and even more).

General meeting virtual and traditional

Before the AGM

Time/activity plan

Planning and support for printing and mailing of invitation documents for the general meeting physically as well as digitally

Shareholder portal for issuing instructions electronically and digitally via QR code

Legally compliant control of physical proxies

Electronic and physical dispatch of admission cards

Support and coordination with the independent proxy

Discussion of AGM procedure, required infrastructure and voting modalities

At the AGM (physical, hybrid or virtual)

Provision of AGM system for access control, information desk and «accounting office»

Attendance analytics at the push of a button - ongoing attendance control for entries and exits

Electronic voting by means of voting machines

Counting of voting coupons with barcode scanners

Fast determination of voting results

Virtual general meeting (incl. integration stream)

After the AGM

Legally compliant archiving of data and voting results

Debriefing of the results

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf

© 2023 ag

Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf

© 2023 ag

Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf