netVote - electronic proxy and instructions to the independent voting representative

Companies listed on SIX stock exchange are required to permit the digital issuance of proxies and instructions to the independent proxy. This complements the traditional procedure (by post).

With our proven and fully integrated digital platform «netVote», we have a tool in place that offers numerous advantages for companies and shareholders alike.

Advantages for clients

Legally compliant (especially regarding Art. 689c, No. 6 OR)

Invitations can be sent digitally by e-mail - Environmentally friendly and resource-saving

If desired, integration on the customer's website

Advantages for shareholders

Convenient and simple entry of instructions to the independent proxy - QR code scanning or traditionally by using user name and password

User-friendly menu navigation - netVote supports multiple languages

Ordering of admission cards and annual/business reports

Telephone support by team

Advantages for all - swiss made software

Powers of attorney, instructions and admission ticket orders submitted electronically in netVote are transmitted directly to the AGM system

Security and no risk of manipulation

Data and access rights as well as protection are ensured by the security framework 'Airlock IAM' from Ergon Informatik AG.

Data center operation exclusively within Switzerland

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Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf

© 2023 ag

Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf

© 2023 ag

Fabrikstrasse 10, 4614 Hägendorf